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Welcome to the DeadEXiT Clan Website. DeadEXiT is a Steam group/clan created by Coodoo1134 on November 20, 2008. It was originally created for Left 4 Dead, but we also play other games such as CS:S, TF2, and GMod. Join our ventrilo servers and invite more of your buddies!

Ventrilo Information
Port: 50459

If you would like to become a sponsor or show an ad on this site, please talk to Coodoo1134 or any other admins in our Steam group. Enjoy your stay! But remember, when you're with us...

All exits lead to your demise.


Latest Results

  • DeadEXiT (17) Vs Test (13)
  • DeadEXiT (16) Vs Test (14)
  • DeadEXiT (12) Vs Test (18)
  • DeadEXiT (15) Vs Test (15)

Server Status


Introduction Added April 8th By Coodoo1134

New website for DeadEXiT installed and online. Remember to join our Ventrilo Server and register to the forums!

Map MakingAdded April 15th By Coodoo1134

Ever since the L4D Beta SDK  came out, I've finally been able to work on my own map. It's looking good so far. I'm hoping to get a campaign together, but I need some help. So if there's anyone out there who has some experience in making maps or if you just wanna learn how, come and talk to me!

Achievement DayAdded April 15th By Coodoo1134

Haven't gotten all your achievements for Left 4 Dead yet? Come over to our ventrilo this Friday at 5PM PST! We'll help you get the rest of your achievements (or at least the expert ones). It's gonna be one massive achievement orgy. UAHHHHH!

Even if you've already achieved EVERYTHING, come and help out everyone else! Just come! COME!

Our Ventrilo Info:
Port: 8470

Note: If you have no idea what Ventrilo is and still want to join in, come talk to me (Coodoo1134) or any one of the other administrators for DeadEXiT. We'll help you out.

Website UpdatesAdded April 11th By Coodoo1134

Check it out! Through the magic of phpBB, we have created a forums page. Click the link in the Navbar above and register. We also now have a downloads page. We'll occasionally upload screenshots, demos, and custom maps! Don't miss out!

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